Weather Protection

Weather and cold protection is important for outdoor workers and especially night time workers but also when working in cold storage or freezer rooms. Good fabrics should be fully waterproof, durable, breathable for comfort, and wind resistant. Many jackets have an inside fleece for insulation. Interactive clothing enables compatibility between outer and inner layers such as fleeces and soft-shell's integrating with outer shell garments. 3-in-1 garments offer multi layered protection against foul weather across all four seasons. Rain wear that forms a robust resistance to wind and water in very challenging weather conditions are normally either PVC or Polyurethane coated and offer excellent durability in the most difficult of working conditions

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  1. Work Umbrellas
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    A work umbrella is used by professionals who undertake work outside in varies weather conditions. They are portable and can be moved from location to location as and when required. Types of work umbrellas include non-conductive umbrellas, heavy duty work umbrellas, mounted umbrellas and work umbrellas on a stand.

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