Work Shoes and Boots

Work shoes and boots are essential for protecting human feet, legs and ankles from various injuries and hazards present at workplaces. Work shoes and boots come in various types and are designed for use in a specific industry or situation. Work shoes and boots such as corporate office shoes, ESD Safety Footwear, Hiking Boots, Ladies Safety Footwear, Metal Free Safety Shoes and Boots, Non-Safety Footwear, Safety Boots, Safety Rigger Boots, Safety Shoes, Safety Trainers, Safety Wellingtons, Work Boots can be found in all sort of offices, construction sites, industrial and manufacturing plants. Depending on the use work shoes and boots are generally made up of rubber, PVC, plastic, metal etc. and differ widely from each other.

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  1. Corporate Office Shoes
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    Corporate office shoes are known by many names such as dress shoes, formal shoes or business shoes, Corporate office shoes are arguably the most common form of footwear used in offices and workplaces and are mainly made up of leather and imitation leather. Black and Brown are the most widely used colours.

  2. ESD Safety Footwear
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    ESD footwear refers to the anti-static shoes and boots designed for protecting human body from electrostatic discharge. Workers in many industries are required to wear ESD safety footwear by various government regulations and laws. PVC and Nitrile are the main materials used for ESD shoes and boots.

  3. Hiking Boots
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    hiking boots are mainly used for several outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, mountaineering etc. most hiking boots are made up of leather which often comes with a waterproof breathable lining. Although rubber hiking boots are also quite popular among people with low budgets.

  4. Ladies Safety Footwear
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    Ladies safety footwear is similar in most cases to safety footwear used by men. Just the only difference often lies in the weight and style as ladies safety footwear tend to be lighter, brighter and uses a wide variety of colours.

  5. Metal Free Safety Shoes and Boots
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    Due to heavy weight of metal safety footwear which often use steel and aluminium for the protective reinforcement workers had to deal with various issues. Metal free safety shoes and boots solve this problem by providing same amount of protection with lightweight safety shoes and boots.

  6. Non Safety Footwear
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    Non-safety footwear as the name suggests refers to any type of footwear without a metallic reinforcement for protecting toe from falling objects, impacts, compressions etc. Most types of shoes and boots especially the ones used for indoor office use and other similar activities can be considered as non-safety footwear.

  7. Safety Boots
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    Safety boots are ideal for protecting foot from most outdoor hazards as these offer the ultimate form of boot protection combined with the strength of metallic reinforcement toe cap. Most safety boots are designed for heavy use and use best quality leather and steel.

  8. Safety Rigger Boots
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    Safety rigger boots were developed to protect workers on oil rigs from falling objects and cold simultaneously. As such they come with internal fur lining and a reinforcement toe cap often made of metal such as steel. These boots mainly come in tan colour, but now it’s common to find rigger boots with black colour.

  9. Safety Shoes
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    Safety shoes are like most shoes with the only difference of metallic reinforcement toe cup for protecting toe from any impact or falling object. Due to their similar shape, they are often used as alternative for dress shoes and are preferred by many office workers.

  10. Safety Trainers
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    Safety trainers are also known as safety sneakers and are used extensively across various industries. Sport enthusiasts also use these for playing their favourite sports as these are lighter than safety boots and provide a similar amount of protection against impact and injuries.

  11. Safety Wellingtons
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    Safety wellingtons are popular choice for protection against mud, puddle, chemicals, electricity, abrasions etc. and are used in almost all sort of industries and workplaces. Although, initially designed to be used primarily for hunting and military these have been adopted globally for all sort of industrial activities.

  12. Work Boots
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    Work boots are boots designed to be used in workplaces and are made up of stronger material as compared to general use boots. It’s almost impossible to work in construction, forestry, mining and manufacturing without using work boots due to high risk of injury.

  13. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.