Workwear Accessories

Workwear Accessories is a blanket term used to refer to several small ticket items which are used as complement with normal workwear. Workwear accessories normally include gloves, footwear, belts, work bags, tool bags etc. Depending on the item and its intended use workwear accessories can be made up of any material. Although, polyester, polycotton, PVC, plastic, nylon and metal are the most commonly used materials for work accessories. Workwear Accessories are used in almost all type of industrial, office and manufacturing establishments. It's almost impossible to use some work gear or clothing without one or more types of work accessories, and this is particularly true of workers in complex industries such as construction, oil and gas, mining, petrochemical etc.

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  1. Bags, Cases and Holdalls
    - 9 Suppliers 244 Products

  2. Belts
    - 31 Suppliers 161 Products

    Belts such as trouser belts and support belts are used extensively in most industries and constitute an essential part of personal protective equipment and work wear. Most work belts differ significantly from normal belts as these are designed to endure most forms of work related wear and tear.

  3. Knee Pads
    - 32 Suppliers 221 Products

    Knee pads are designed to protective human knee joints from several workplace hazards which may leave a worker injured as severe knee injuries are a major reason of workplace related disabilities. Knee pads are normally made up of rubber, PVC, polyester and are intended to act as shock absorbers and protect knee joints from impacts and shocks.

  4. Tool Bags
    - 25 Suppliers 523 Products

    Tool bags are used across all industries by workers, engineers, etc. for organizing, storing and carrying tools. Most tool boxes are made up of strong natural and synthetic fabrics as they need to endure the wear and tear associated with sharp tools and equipment.

  5. Work Bags
    - 13 Suppliers 171 Products

    Work bags provide an easy way for storing documents, work clothing and other items used at workplaces which one may need to organize, store or carry from one place to another. Work bags depending on their intended use come in a large variety and are made up of several natural and synthetic fabrics.

  6. Other
    - 68 Suppliers 1,861 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.

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