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  • Keith Persin, Managing Director
  • Number of Employees: 1 - 20

State-of-the-art 24-bit audio converters from ARDA and Wolfson, along with a wide range of CODECs, ensure audio integrity in applications from the most demanding to those with an emphasis on value. Arda's AT1201 24-bit stereo ADC provides the industry’s highest dynamic range, lowest THD and a sampling rate of up to 384kHz, while their AT12612 is a 192kHz version with lower power requirements. Both converters offer very low latency, too, at 13µs and 26µs, respectively, so they are ideal for live sound and other time-critical environments.

Wolfson's outstanding audio CODECs are at the heart of many award winning products, which is no coincidence, as they have raised the bar when it comes to delivering outstanding audio quality demanded by the listener. Wolfson's commitment to affordable performance, flexibility, and power management is seen in the wide range of configurations and features, enabling designers to reduce parts counts whilst extending battery life.

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