Purdie Dished Ends Ltd

  • Ingelby Road
  • Bradford
  • West Yorkshire
  • United Kingdom
  • BD7 2AS (map)

  • Tel: 01274 521230
  • Fax: 01274 521345
  • Website: www.purdie.co.uk


  • Gary Canning, Sales Engineer
  • J Purdie, Director
  • Number of Employees: 21 - 100
These are some of the Dished end services we offer...

from under 1000mm dia to 6000mm dia

from under 5mm to over 25mm (depending on materials)

PNDE also produces:
plain dishings; flat flanged ends; dished and set-back ends; inverted dished ends and corner radii formed on rolled and welded cones.

Other in-house services:
plate shearing, mechanical and thermal circle cutting, semi-automatic seam welding, grinding and flushing, real-time x-ray service; welding of shell belts (for dished end customers only); automatic dished end grinding, polishing and weld preparation of edges

Sub-contracted services:
gritblasting; heat treatment (normalising, annealing and water quenching); acid pickling and passivation, mechanical and non destructive testing.

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