Building and Project Design

Building and project design is required when any building is planned for construction or alteration of use or design. It refers to the architectural, engineering and technical aspects of the design of buildings and constructions. The building and project design team will vary in composition depending on the size and scale of the project. For larger projects, the services of a professional architect or structural engineer will be required. This individual will plan the overall building design, as well as co-ordinating the services of the range of specialists required to see the project through to completion. Smaller, less complex projects might be managed by a building designer, draftsperson, contractor or interior designer (for internal fit-outs or renovations). The composition of the project team involved in large-scale building design will change over the duration of the project, but alongside the architect and/ or structural engineer, the following roles will play a part: building services engineer (responsible for the internal comfort of the construction); landscape architect; specialist designers; quantity surveyor; suppliers and manufacturers; and contractors.

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  1. Architects
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    Architects design and oversee the construction of new buildings; extensions or alterations to existing buildings; and/ or the landscape and spaces surrounding them, to meet the requirements of their clients. They must ensure that designs are safe, functional and economical.

  2. Electrical Building Services Engineers
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    Responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of electrical services for buildings, electrical building services engineers work to make new and existing buildings safe, comfortable and energy efficient.

  3. Energy Solutions
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    Energy solutions companies facilitate delivery of light, heat, electricity from physical or chemical resources by working with organisations to reduce costs and carbon footprints without compromising on the effective production of those utilities.

  4. Interior Designers
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    Interior designers work with clients, architects and other design professionals to create functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces for the benefit of the end-users. The interior designer is responsible for the research, planning, co-ordination and management of the project.

  5. Mechanical Building Services Engineers
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    Mechanical building services engineering covers the design of heating, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning and security systems. These are required to ensure that environments for living and work are safe, high quality and energy efficient.

  6. Planning Consultants
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    Planning consultants offer expert advice and guidance at the initial stages of construction projects on planning permissions. They gather the relevant information, including environmental impacts, to make the case to the local authority for planning permission to be granted.

  7. Structural Engineers
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    Structural engineers design and plan for the construction of new buildings or adaptations, alterations and extensions to existing ones. They ensure structures are built to resist environmental pressures and the rigours of human use during the life of the building.

  8. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.