Architects are professionals who plan, design and review the construction of buildings. Often, they may also supervise the construction of their design. The architect is charged with creating the building design concept that meets the requirements of the commissioning client; and with co-ordinating a team to then ensure that design is constructed according to the required use of the building or buildings in question. They must also take into account local and national building regulations and planning laws. Because the outcomes of the architect’s decisions influence public safety, they must have specialised training, technical and environmental knowledge, and design and construction management practical experience. The independent UK regulatory body for architects is the Architects Registration Board (‘ARB’), which maintains the UK Register of Architects. Any individual offering their services as an architect must by law be registered with this body. The three main types of professional: building architect, landscape architect and naval architect. Architects may specialise in one or more types of projects, for example residential housing, public buildings such as schools or hospitals or commercial property such as retail outlets. They may focus on specific areas within the field such as construction project management or conservation projects.

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