Planning Consultants

Planning consultants offer expert advice on the full range of planning, development and environmental issues involved in a successful building project. Many UK building projects require local authority planning permissions, and larger projects may need a Local Plan Inquiry. A planning consultant manages the process of gaining permission, from application to appeal against refusal of permission if necessary. Good planning consultants have local as well as legal knowledge. This allows them to advise on suitability of sites for the proposed building work, as well as on existing local government development plans that may impact on the project. Market research is carried out to find out what permissions will be necessary and the likelihood of those being granted. The impacts of the proposed project on the environment are researched and assessed for viability; and if the application is granted, the consultant draws up master plans for use by contractors during construction. If appropriate, the planning consultants continues their involvement throughout the building process, measuring progress against plans and addressing any technical hitches. Specialist planning consultants may be involved in any proposed development from a domestic house extension to a proposed retail park, shopping mall or public building such as a hospital.

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