Building Project Management

Successful building project management brings together and balances the competing demands of people, budget and timescales to ensure a project is initiated, runs and concludes efficiently and successfully. Chartered surveyors are often the individuals responsible for providing bespoke services in terms of project management within the construction industry. In order for a building project such as a commercial office design to reach a satisfactory conclusion, the project manager has responsibilities including the planning of delivery of the project; managing the day to day work and workers on site; procurement of materials; reporting on progress to the client and other stakeholders; maintaining accurate documentation; and adhering to all legal requirements. This latter covers compliance with planning frameworks, insurance requirements, health and safety regulations, sustainability issues and other mandatory areas. Project management consultancy in the construction industry can range from working with a householder to manage an extension to their property to working with architects and other specialist building consultants on large scale housing developments, commercial properties or new public buildings.

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  1. Construction Project Managers
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    Construction project managers use project management skills to ensure that building projects are delivered on time and within budget. They ensure appropriate resources are available at all stages of the project to meet interim milestones.

  2. Quantity Surveyors
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    Quantity surveyors calculate and manage the costs related to a construction project, aiming to deliver quality results on time and within budget. They act as financial adviser to the client on the project from beginning to end, monitoring and keeping them informed of ongoing progress.

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