Construction Project Managers

Construction project managers are ultimately responsible for delivering building projects to time and within budget. More than that, though, they must ensure that everyone within the team is carrying out their duties effectively and that the overall project’s objectives are met. They will usually work closely with the architect and engineers on project management in the building services industry. Their prime responsibilities begin at the planning stage, when they set the timetable and milestones for each phase of the project. They are responsible for resource allocation: that is, ensuring the right materials, from tools and equipment to bricks and mortar, are ordered and available when needed. They recruit the teams of contractors and subcontractors that will work on each phase of the project, again ensuring that they are available when needed. Finally, they oversee cost control: ensuring that what is spent is meticulously recorded and ensuring there is contingency in the budget in case of the unexpected. Construction project managers may work on a project consultancy basis or be appointed from within an existing team. They may work on buildings (residential or commercial), infrastructure or industrial projects.

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