The boilermaker is responsible for the assembly, installation, repair and maintenance of any closed vessel or container designed to hold liquids and gases. This may include boilers and closed vats. Boilers are used in a variety of settings to heat liquids such as water under extreme pressure to generate electrical power and provide heat. Other similar containers and vats are utilised for the storage of chemicals, oils and other liquids. In most cases, boilers and other such containers are fabricated out of plates and sections of steel, stainless steel, iron or copper. While the process has become increasingly automated in recent years, skilled boiler makers are still required to assemble and repair these vessels according to an agreed technical metal diagram or blueprint. Skills involved include using metalwork machinery and tools to smooth off edges on parts and create a close fit. Bolting, riveting and welding skills are necessary for both boiler assembly and repair. Boilermakers work in the fabricated metal product manufacturing, utility system construction and broader construction industries, as well as in other environments such as chemical, steel and iron plants.

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