Bricklayers construct and repair internal and external walls, chimney stacks, arches, tunnels, foundations and other structures from bricks, concrete and other types of block or pre-cut stone. Bricks must be cut and shaped to fit corners, floors and ceilings; and the blocks are held together with mortar, mixed by hand or in a mixer. Attention to detail is necessary to ensure bricks are arranged in the right bonds and that they are aligned appropriately. A bricklayer may work on the construction of a building from the structural foundations up and follows the agreed construction plans in doing so. Well-laid brick and blockwork ensures buildings are waterproof, weatherproof and secure. Bricklayers may be self-employed or employed by building contractors, sub-contractors or agencies. Bricklaying encompasses building projects of all shapes and sizes, from garden walls and extensions for residential properties to large commercial or industrial building projects. They may also work on infrastructure developments managed by local authorities.

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