Carpenters and Framemakers

Carpenters and framemakers work on both residential and commercial properties to install the wooden structures internally and externally that tie a building together. The carpenter and framemaker team work closely with other tradesmen to complete the project on time and to budget. A carpentry and joinery team works from drawings to set out, measure, cut and form joints, assemble, install and finish work in areas to create floors, walls and roofing systems. They are often among the first trades to work on a site, constructing the ‘first fix’: the skeleton of the building before it is plastered. Later, they may return to construct staircases, trims and mouldings or other decorative or finishing details like skirting. A framemaker crafts wooden doorframes and window frames for a property; or the formwork into which concrete is poured on infrastructure projects such as roads and flyovers. As carpenters and framemakers are required for a limited period on each build, they often work on a subcontracting or short-term basis on commercial projects such as new housing developments, shopping precincts, hotels and industrial complexes. They may also carry out work on smaller-scale residential projects, like loft conversions or window frame replacements.

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