Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors are employed in construction work to design, install and maintain electrical systems within a building or other structure. Electrical contracting work differs from the role of an electrician only in scale: a contractor will usually employ multiple electricians to complete the work on a construction site or other commercial projects, for instance. The work of electrical contractors can broadly be split into three categories. The first is external supplies, or line electrical contractors, who construct and maintain the infrastructure to conduct electricity from power stations, through substations and high voltage lines to individual commercial and domestic properties. Inside electrical contractors, by contrast, ensure electricity is transmitted to individual structures within a specific boundary, including substations and outdoor lighting. Integrated building system electrical contractors work within buildings to ensure efficient energy supply to businesses, for instance for security systems, telecommunications, lighting systems, back-up power systems and so on. In the UK, electrical contractors may choose to register with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) to become approved contractors. This guarantees compliance with appropriate regulatory standards, which offers quality assurance to clients.

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