Glazing Contractors

Glazing contractors provide specialist glass installation or repair to various types of commercial and/ or residential properties. A glazing contractor will often work on specific projects on a subcontractor basis, brought in on an as-needed basis by a general builder or general contractor. Glaziers may also provide ongoing servicing and repair services for property owners or building managers. Glazing is a skilled trade and involves the cutting, installation and removal of glass or materials used as substitutes for glass such as some types of specialist plastics. The uses for glass in a building are many and varied and glaziers might be employed to work on windows, doors, storefront, skylights, interior walls, ceilings and beyond. While glass is a widely-used material, there are areas where specialist types of glass and appropriately skilled glaziers might be required. These include blast resistant glazing solutions for power stations, government building and gas platforms; acoustic glazing for music venues, offices and hotels; secure glazing for prisons and facilities that look after patients considered to be at risk; and fire resistant glass for all public buildings.

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