Landscaping Contractors

Landscaping contractors work with clients, and often architects and construction specialists, to draw up and implement a project plan for the landscape design of a property. Landscapers must have expertise in both horticulture and artistic design; and increasingly pay heed to environmental sustainability in their work. Outdoor landscaping must consider various factors in the planning stages, such as the type of soils and irrigation present, the climate and microclimates within the area being planned; and the topography, including the way the land lies in relation to the sun. They will consult with clients about access requirements and recreational amenities that are planned or present; as well as the intended use of the space. Health and safety considerations are vital, especially if there is to be public access. These elements and more are built into a plan that ensures the final garden design is practical, attractive and will thrive. Because gardens and other outdoor spaces are not static, ongoing landscaping maintenance is often required to keep them looking at their best. Landscape contracting may be useful for businesses, retail parks, schools and universities, hospitals – indeed, any private or public business that has land and buildings.

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