Painters and Decorators

One of the final tasks to be done on a newly constructed building is decoration. This is often carried out by painters and decorators. Their role is to prepare surfaces for the application of paint, wallpaper and other finishes. Tradesmen carrying out painting and decorating are utilised in the construction and manufacturing industries and may specialise in specific areas such as commercial decorating of exteriors of business premises. They will work either to a specific set of requirements or communicate with clients on their requirements, budget, costings and so on. They may carry out their work manually or by using equipment such as sprayers; or a combination of the two. Painting and decorating specialists work on a wide range of projects, including domestic, commercial and industrial jobs. Contract work may be available for decorating new build homes or offices. Specialist projects might include applying heavy duty finishes to external structures such as bridges. A painter and decorator working on commercial or construction sites must usually hold a CSCS card.

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