Site Managers

Site managers are known as construction managers, building managers or site agents. Their role is to oversee work carried out on a building site on a day-to-day basis with due regard for safety, while remaining on schedule in terms of budget and time. They must also ensure quality standards are met. A construction manager takes up responsibility for the site before construction work even begins. He or she is responsible for ensuring the land is properly prepared for building and for employing the teams that will work on it throughout construction. While the work is ongoing, the manager monitors progress against the project milestones and arrange delivery of materials at the appropriate times so work can move forward without delay. He will troubleshoot problems as they arise and is the liaison between the teams on site including subcontractors, and the professionals such as architects, site engineers, surveyors and others. He will also keep open lines of communication with the client or commissioning agent, while ensuring all building regulations and health and safety legislation is complied with. Site managers are usually employed by civil engineering, building and construction companies and contractors. Public sector organisations may also employ them on large projects.

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