Other Specialised Services

The UK Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities (SIC) classifies businesses by the type of economic activity they engage in. The latest version, SIC 2007, came into force on 1 January 2008. ‘Other specialised services’ for the construction industry are classified as single activities which take place during the construction of many buildings and structures, but do not fall into other categories. These activities require specialised skills or equipment. The subclass of specialised construction activities (other than scaffolding erection) are listed in Section F 43999, which includes: • construction of foundations, including pile driving • damp proofing and water proofing works • de-humidification of buildings • shaft sinking • erection of steel elements • steel bending • bricklaying and stone setting • erection of chimneys and industrial ovens • work with specialist access requirements necessitating climbing skills and the use of related equipment, e.g. working at height on tall structures • subsurface work • construction of outdoor swimming pools • steam cleaning, sand blasting and similar activities for building exteriors • renting of cranes and other building equipment, which cannot be allocated to a specific construction type, with operator.

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  1. Asbestos Services
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    Asbestos services are available for those who need a positive identification and assessment of asbestos and the subsequent safe removal, clearance and disposal. The service also includes management survey, refurbishment survey and a demolition survey for industrial, government, commercial and domestic buildings.

  2. Environmental Services
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    Environmental services contractors provide solutions to environmental issues for those involved in construction. These solutions are aimed at helping businesses fulfil their responsibilities under health and safety and other legislation, whether those relate to public safety or reducing the carbon footprint.

  3. Sustainable and Renewable Energy Contractors
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    Sustainable and renewable energy contractors can advise clients on steps they can take to reduce energy bills and make business more sustainable. Environmentally friendly solutions for heating and lighting are already being installed in new build homes, offices and other commercial premises.

  4. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.