Environmental Services

Environmental services companies work as contractors to firms involved in construction to provide solutions to environmental issues. Construction firms have a responsibility to their workers and the public to fulfil health and safety and other legal obligations, including the identifying and safe disposal of hazardous waste. Equally, as energy costs rise and government places increasing demands on businesses to minimise environmental impact, reduce emissions and reach energy targets, environmental services contractors bring expertise in several areas. These contractors provide a range of services. They may, for instance, carry out a pre-purchase inspection on behalf of a potential buyer to survey the site and identify key environmental issues. These may include asbestos removal, special waste disposal and recycling, environmental cleaning and demolition and dismantling services. In terms of reducing companies’ carbon footprint, environmental services contractors may advise on alternative materials, like high performance industrial thermal insulation. Finally, they may advise construction companies on how to minimise the impact of their work on the public, for example how to reduce noise pollution and other environmental nuisances. These firms may work with demolition firms, civil engineering contractors, building and construction companies and contractors to provide solutions to industry and the public sector.

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