Vehicle hire, lease and purchase

Vehicles can be very expensive, there are many ways to acquire a new car or vehicle of choice. Services for this include vehicle hire, lease and purchase. Many car sales company’s and some garages will often offer cars available for hire, lease and purchase. There are also businesses who provide just one service such as only car hire or lease you will find these a lot more when on holiday or tourist locations. The different options of purchasing available enable people to be able to afford a car they wouldn’t be able to have if there was no payment plan involved. Leasing enables the customer to have lower monthly payments as well as less initial cash having to be invested. If your cars in the garage it can be more cost effective to hire a car out for 3 days rather than paying more for taxis back and forth. Purchasing your car is also a popular option as you have complete ownership and you won’t have any outstanding payments for your car, unless it need repairing.

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  1. Fuel Cards
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    Fuel Cards are used by business drivers to manage fuel expenditure.

  2. Vehicle Hire
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    Vehicle Hire is used when a company needs to supply its customers with temporary vehicles. This can range from a couple hours to a couple weeks.

  3. Vehicle Lease
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    Vehicle leasing is often offered to customers from car sales employees as an alternative to vehicle purchase. Vehicle leasing is when you make payments for the use of the car over a certain time and you return the car at the end of the set period.

  4. Vehicle Purchase
    - 2 Suppliers 15 Services

    Instead of Vehicle Hire and Vehicle Leasing you are able to buy a vehicle out right for it's original value. Vehicle finance is a type of vehicle purchasing to which you pay back the vehicle over a certain agreed period of time with the car dealer. Most people can also purchase a vehicle second hand depending or from the car dealer depending on your budget.

  5. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.