Electrical and Electronics

Electrical generally encompasses electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism, while electronics utilises non-linear and active electrical components (such as semiconductor devices, especially transistors, diodes and integrated circuits) to design electronic circuits, devices, microprocessors, and microcontrollers. Electronics is a subfield within the wider electrical engineering academic subject but denotes a broad engineering field that covers subfields such as analogue electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics. Electrical engineering has now subdivided into a wide range of subfields including electronics, digital computers, power engineering, telecommunications, control systems, radio-frequency engineering, signal processing, instrumentation, and microelectronics. Electronics and electrical engineering are recognised fields and are important in the development of the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and computer industries (to name a few).

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  1. Cable Assembly
    - 8 Suppliers 581 Services

    Cable assembly is the manufacturing of a cable which is two or more wires that are bond together by braiding, twisting or bonding. The cable is then used to transfer electrical signals from one part of the cable to the other. Finished cable assembly is evident in buses, cars, trucks and military equipment.

  2. PCB Design and Manufacture
    - 12 Suppliers 220 Services

    PCB stands for printed circuit boards and PCB design is the process of manufacturing PCBS. PCBs are used in all elements of electronic nature, including computers, printers, televisions, stereos, musical instrument amplifiers and synthesizers, digital clocks, microwave ovens, telephone answering machines and even mobile phones.

  3. Product Assembly
    - 13 Suppliers 766 Services

    Product assemble involves putting all the components of a product together to form a finished product. The term is usually applied to large scale production but can also encompass human activities like handicraft and high tech. Product assembly on a large scale relies on an assembly line, which means moving goods from workstation to workstation until it is finished.

  4. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 132 Services

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.