Machining involves various processes, whereby, a piece of raw material is cut into final shape and size by a controlled material-removal process. Machining more commonly refers to metal but can also include wood, plastic, and ceramics. Also known as subtractive manufacturing, the main machining processes are classified as turning, drilling and milling. Sometimes other processes are also emphasised into the machining process, there are shaping, planing, boring, broaching and sawing. Machining is used in precision engineering, aerospace, marine and automotive, as well as architectural sectors such as sign makers, public art, architectural metal work and sculpture.

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  1. Boring
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    Boring is used for accuracy in creating the correct hole diameter and is still a manufacturing process used by the military and artillery industry as well the aerospace and automotive.

  2. Broaching
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    Broaching is a process used in machining that uses a tool (called a broach) to remove material. Broaching is a process used in the machining of metalwork and is undertaken when precision is required. The two methods of broaching are linear and rotary and they are both commonly used in the process of toolmaking.

  3. CNC Boring
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  4. CNC Machining
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    CNC machining puts a computer numeric control in charge of machining process. A PC with specific software acts as the controller of the machine tool, which can cut raw material into shape and size by a controlled material-removal process. CNC machining is most commonly used on metal but can also be applied to wood, plastics, and ceramics.

  5. CNC Milling
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    CNC milling is when the milling process is controlled by a computer which has specifically created milling software. The machine, usually known as a milling machine, is usually classified as vertical machining centers (VMCs) and horizontal machining centres (HMCs).

  6. CNC Turning
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    CNC Turning is a branch of engineering that makes components found every single day in Smartphones, cars, and aircraft. In CNC Turning, the turning process is automated via a computer with specially loaded software that is specific to the turning process.

  7. Drilling
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    Drilling is the name given to the cutting processes that uses a drill bit to create a hole. There are a variety of drill styles each serving a different purpose, whether that be holes with different diameters, larger hole size or ones that are good in managing chips.

  8. Etching
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    Etching has traditional roots – as a method of printmaking it is one of the most important techniques for old master prints. Nowadays, etching is used in microfabrication to chemically remove layers from the surface of the wafer during manufacturing. It is etchings many uses that make it a critical manufacturing process.

  9. Grinding
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    Grinding is used for producing fine finishes on a small or mass scale. The process involves a using a grinding wheel to cut through large volumes of metal quickly. Grinding is known for producing very fine finishes, accurate to any given dimensions.

  10. Hobbing
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    Hobbing is most often used in manufacturing to create helical and spur gears. In fact, hobbing (which is undertaken on a machine called a hob) is the most common type of gear making process and used across a wide range of industries including marine, automotive and watch making.

  11. Honing
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    Honing is a machining process in which an abrasive cutting tool is used to produce a very fine surface.

  12. Laser Machining
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    Laser machining refers to the process of undertaking cutting, with a laser. In laser machining, a laser is used to cut materials by directing the output of a high-power laser through optics. There are three types of lasers on the market which are used for cutting, boring and engraving and both high and low energy levels.

  13. Sawing
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    Saws are tools used for cutting wood or metal by moving a tool, known as a saw, forcefully forward and less forcibly back. Sews can be powered manually by hand, by steam, water, and electricity. Sewing is undertaken in forestry, construction, demolition, manufacturing, medicine, and hunting.

  14. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.