Other Fabrication Services

Other types of fabrication services include the fabrication of metal through bending, cutting and assembly processes. In each case, metal is fashioned to fit a desired part, product or application. Fabrication is a process that can be done in-house or outsourced to specialist suppliers with large fab shops and specialist expertise. In each case, fabrication services can be employed OEMS, contractors and VARS. Common types of fabrication services include assembly, bending, forming, guillotining, punching and shaping. Fabrication offers value-added services which sees the creation of parts, structures and machines for a wide range of industries including engineering, aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, material handling, mining and Petroleum, and pharmaceuticals.

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  1. Assembly
    - 8 Suppliers 76 Services

    Assembly is the process of putting together a finished product from supplied parts. It is a process used by those who manufacture raw parts but lack the skill or facilities to assemble into a finished product. This includes those in the field engineering, aerospace, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

  2. Bending
    - 13 Suppliers 97 Services

    Bending is a fabrication process which includes taking a finished part and shaping, moulding and bending it into the desired shape so that it forms part of a finished product. Bending is often a necessary process since exact shapes cannot be created using moulds alone. It is commonly used in many home and garden applications, like in safety bars and children’s play equipment.

  3. Forming
    - 13 Suppliers 109 Services

    Forming is the process of fashioning objects and parts (usually metal) through a process known as mechanical deformation. In this application, the workpiece is shaped and reformed without removing or adding any materials. It is process widely used by industries that rely on processes of fabrication to reach a finished product.

  4. Guillotining
    - 1 Supplier 1 Service

    Guillotining is a process that is used to cut materials to size. It is commonly used in paper but, when it comes to fabrication, it usually refers to the process of cutting steel and other metals to size through a shearing action. Guillotining is a service whereby metal is cut to size.

  5. Metal Spinning
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Services

    The manual or automated process of forming metal over a mandrel.

  6. Punching
    - 8 Suppliers 61 Services

    Punching is a metal process which falls under the services of fabrication. It involves removing scrap slug from metal workpieces every time a punch enters a punching die. In each case, the application leaves a hole in the metal workpiece.

  7. Shaping
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Services

    Shaping is a fabrication service involving the process of fashioning metal into a desired shape. In each case, metal can only be shaped by one of four process, these include bending, cutting, shrinking and stretching. In each case, metal is shaped to fit a desired part, product or application.

  8. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 54 Services

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.