Aeronautical Engineering Services

Aeronautical engineering is a field concerned with the development of spacecraft and aircraft similar to the field of astronautical engineering and avionics engineering. Common aeronautical engineering services includes structural, feasibility studies, type certificates, foreign approvals, FAA DER Review and Approvals, FAA DAR Approvals, damage assessment, repairs, approvals, tooling, stress analysis, wind tunnel testing, structural review, data development for field approvals, parts production and prototype components, electrical load analysis, aircraft design and analysis, prototyping and manufacturing, aerodynamic design and analysis and FAA Coordination. Aeronautical engineering services are available for aircrafts, helicopters, agricultural airplanes and a wide range of transport aircrafts.

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  1. Aircraft Assembly
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    Aircraft assembly is the process of putting together an aircraft with all the manufactured assembled parts. Aircraft assembly is a specialised process that not just requires special skills but also premises big enough to house an aircraft. In the process, a tool jig surrounds the aircraft for the junction of three fuselage parts, wings, horizontal and vertical stabilisers, landing gear, engine pylons and electric racks.

  2. Other
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