Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical engineering services involve designing, constructing and testing electrical systems and devices as well as monitoring the distribution of these devices. Electrical engineering has increased considerably over the decades, from the first power network that provided 110 volts to approx. 60 people to the national grid that now supplies millions of users every day. Electrical engineering has been further divided into subsections including computers, telecoms, signal processing and instrumentation, to mention a few. Electrical engineering is quite often on its own, however, it can cross over into other related fields including those previously mentioned. A wide variety of industries and organisations use electrical engineering services thanks to the specialised skill set and techniques the engineers apply. These services can range from a straightforward voltmeter (a device used for measuring the electrical difference between two points of an electrical circuit) to a complex analyser and high-tech designer of manufacturing software.

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  1. Computer Engineering
    - 2 Suppliers 1,786 Services

    Computer engineering deals with writing software and designing sensors, circuit boards and operating systems. Computer engineering also uses digital systems to monitor electrical processes like motors and sensors.

  2. Electrical Control Engineering
    - 1 Supplier 63 Services

  3. Electro-Optical Engineering
    - 1 Supplier 2 Services

    Electro-optical engineering can be found in industries such as security and surveillance, aerospace and manufacturing fields. Electro-optical engineers often work in scientific and technical organisations that deal with defence, security, and health markets.

  4. Electronic engineering
    - 10 Suppliers 348 Services

    Electronic engineering cross over into electric engineering considerably, however, the one main difference is that electronic engineering is involved in the design and implementation of devices that operate using electricity. These devices have been design to carry out a particular function and the electronic engineer will look at the design and assess it to ensure it is safe for use.

  5. Instrumentation Engineering
    - 1 Supplier 35 Services

    Instrumental engineering covers a wide range of areas and is used in a variety of devices and equipment to monitor and record physical amounts, such as reading a thermometer or it may relate to a more complex control system that is found in vehicles and transportation or manufacturing.

  6. Microelectronics Engineering
    - 4 Suppliers 51 Services

    Microelectronic engineering gets involved in the design of small electrical components and devices such as circuit boards and it is responsible for carrying out specific tests to analyse the performance of these devices and then provide the findings in a report that other professions can read and understand. Microelectronic engineers therefore have a unique ability to design complex and intricate devices using specialised skills and then translating their findings into a language that is easy to interpret.

  7. Power engineering
    - 6 Suppliers 29 Services

    Power engineering is a form of engineering that generates an electricity supply that is supplied and used by almost everyone in their day-to-day life. This form of engineering also deals with the design of related items that use the electrical supply. Power engineers work on these systems to ensure there is no power supply failure and that the electricity supplied is safe and secure.

  8. Signal processing Engineering
    - 6 Suppliers 30 Services

    Signal processing engineering is a branch of engineering that is specialised and deals with transforming energy from one device to another. Sound from CD’s is a form of signal processing; videos are another form as is noise and vibration. All of these take the original signal and transform it into another form that we are more accustomed to and recognise.

  9. Telecommunications Engineering
    - 2 Suppliers 8 Services

    The science of engineering covers many fields and telecommunications engineering is just one of them. One of the first available telephones, created by Alexander Graham Bell, was in 1876 and since then the world of telecommunications has grown and evolved into the industry we know today and it is still developing.

  10. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 104 Services

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.