Environmental Testing

Environmental testing is a research and development application that is used to understanding if equipment, products or specimens can withstand the rigours of specific harsh environments. Types of environmental testing includes the understanding how specimens perform in extremely high and low temperatures, in very high or low humidity, in salt spray and salt fog, under large, swift variations in temperature, under high and low pressures, in wet environments, under solar radiation, when faced with blown and settling sand and dust, fungus, vibrations and accelerations. Environmental testing is undertaken in a wide range of applications including on equipment used in maritime, military, space and aeronautical applications.

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  1. Air Quality Testing
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    Poor air quality can have a significant impact on health and wellbeing and cost businesses money. Air quality testing is therefore required or recommended for a range of environments, from homes and housing to schools, hospitals, factories and offices. It identifies both existing issues and potential problems.

  2. Analysis of Soils and Building Materials
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    Building materials, including the soil on which structures are constructed, must be safe and fit for purpose. Analysis of soils and building materials can help the construction industry to identify potential issues; ensure compliance with legal requirements; and avoid expensive legal disputes.

  3. Biosafety Testing
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    Biosafety focuses on human health and ecology by preventing a large-scale loss of biological integrity. Prevention mechanisms include biosafety testing in laboratory settings were every phase of testing, development and manufacturing is supported. Biosafety testing is used to test pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and chemicals.

  4. Microbiology Testing
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    Some micro-organisms can be harmful to the public, causing disease and illness. Microbiology testing by expert consultants under laboratory conditions allows a variety of industries to identify potential or actual problems with products early on and work to rectify them, before they damage consumer confidence.

  5. Water Quality Testing
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    Water quality testing ensures water is safe for the use it is intended, whether that is for human consumption, manufacturing purposes or aquatic life. Quality standards differ depending on usage. Water supply companies and accredited consultancy services and laboratories will test for pathogens and other contaminants against UK or EU regulations to ensure safety.

  6. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.