Food and Drink Testing

Food safety is of paramount importance to the industry and consumers alike. Food and drink testing analyses the suitability of foodstuffs to ensure it is fit for purpose and compliant with UK or EU standards. This might include checking for microbiological contamination, for authenticity of ingredients, for allergens or for nutritional value. Some services also offer evaluation of product taste and research into what consumers think of it. Testing is applicable to the food and drink industry right along the supply chain from agriculture and dairy producers to manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers, because contaminants can enter at any point. Categories for testing usually include fresh, chilled, frozen, ready to eat and ambient foods (such as bakery products, herbs and spices and baby food). Food testing services might carry out microbiological testing for pathogen determination of, for example, salmonella, listeria and E.coli. Chemical and nutritional testing may be required to meet food labelling regulations and to identify allergens. Food and drink testing is carried out by specialist laboratories which must be UKAS accredited. Clients include farmers, manufacturers, importers and exporters, independent food producers, primary producers, retailers and wholesalers.

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  1. Alcohol and Congener Testing
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    Alcohol and congener testing is carried out to ensure product safety for the benefit of the consumer. It establishes that alcohol levels and contents are as recorded on the product label so the public are not misinformed or subjected to harmful substances.

  2. Allergen Testing
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    Accurate food labelling assists consumers with allergies to make informed choices when purchasing products. Cross-contamination with allergens is a major risk to manufacturers and allergen testing by specialist laboratories reduces or removes that risk to keep the public safe from harm.

  3. Food Additives and Flavouring Testing
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    Food additives and flavouring testing ensures the safety of substances added to food for human consumption to preserve flavour, extend shelf life or make food more attractive to consumers. Independent experts test for long and short term effects of additives and flavourings to give assurances to manufacturers and the general public.

  4. Mycotoxin Analysis
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    Mycotoxin analysis identifies potentially harmful species of mold that develop in human foodstuffs and animal feeds. If left unidentified or untreated, certain types of mold are carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic or immunogenic. Laboratories can identify these so they can be eliminated before foodstuffs reach the market.

  5. Nutritional Analysis of Foods
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    Nutritional analysis of foods offers food producers and members of the public details of the nutritional content of finished foodstuffs, raw materials and ingredients. This can be carried out in laboratories or calculated through databases of previously tested foods. The purposes are to comply with food labelling regulations and to inform the public.

  6. Soft Drinks and Fruit Juice Analysis
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    Soft drinks and fruit juice analysis is primarily conducted for the soft drinks industry and to inform consumers. The testing evaluates contents for harmful substances which can be naturally-occurring; introduced during the production process; or are ingredients that are purposely added to give beverages their distinctive taste and appeal.

  7. Testing of Food and Drink
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    Testing of food and drink is an essential part of the food supply chain and is undertaken at every level from farm producers to consumption. Chemical and microbiological tests are carried out to rigorous national and international standards to assure interested parties of safety, quality and authenticity of ingredients.

  8. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.