3D Measuring

3D measuring provides solutions for inspection, quality control, design and reverse engineering. 3D measuring can be undertaken with a specialist coordinate measuring machine (CMM) which can be controlled either by an operator manually or via a computer. Measurements are taken by probes, which can be mechanical, optical, laser or white light amongst other options. The main structure consists of three axes of motion, each of which has a scale system to indicate the location of that axis. The machine takes readings from the probes and uses the coordinates from each axis to determine the sample’s size and position with what can typically be near pinpoint accuracy. Such readings can be used to test parts against a specification as part of the quality control process; to test for corrosion and wearing; or to assist with analysing an existing design for reproduction, for instance. The technology can be used in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and energy, to take measurements of anything up to the most highly complex components on site and without needing to remove that part for inspection.

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