Catering is the service of providing food to a site. This service can be provided because the venue itself doesn’t have catering equipment, or because something more special is required. It can also include in-house catering services, like that provided by a venue during a particular occasion (like a wedding). Catering can include contract catering, mobile catering like food trucks, as well as the process of cooking in one premise and transporting the food to another. Catering services are used in workplaces, pubs, hotels, schools, and universities. It also commonly used in events, including at home, like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Catering services are also widely used in locations that don’t have food cooking facilities, like airplanes.

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  1. Contract Catering
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    A contract catering is a type of catering services whereby a company provide catering services on a regular basis. In this case, the company are usually asked to sign a contract for a specific period of time. Contract caterers are commonly used in workplaces, schools, universities, sports venues, galleries, museums. Some venues might even hire contract caterers to run their café or restaurant.

  2. Event Catering
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    Event catering is commonly used for occasions like team-building events, weddings, family days and other parties. This service provides a way to bring food to unique locations and offer a variety of different menu options. Types of event catering include buffet catering and food truck catering – where food is cooked on site.

  3. Mobile Catering
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    Mobile catering is the service of selling prepared food that has been cooked in some type of vehicle. The benefit of mobile catering is that food can be made available in locations without kitchens. They are also commonly used for convenience since food can be purchased without entering a premise. They can also provide food in times of emergencies where kitchen facilities are unavailable.

  4. Other
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