Office and Premises Cleaning

Office and Premises Cleaning is normally done by a trained group of individuals to give a professional, clean and fresh look to the office and premises. Premises are normally the first thing people see and therefore should be maintained to a high standard to give the right first impression. The office environment is usually quite busy and has many different appliances which can harbour bacteria so it is essential this equipment is cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure a clean and hygienic working environment. Office and Premises cleaning can range from daily cleans of the general areas to ensure a dirt free and fresh looking working environment to a regular weekly more in-depth clean of the office equipment, telephones, windows for example. Using specialised cleaning equipment for de-greasing and removing unwanted dirt and stains from the floors is a common practice for larger premises and offices, using buffers to provide a clean and fresh appearance. This service can be provided to small offices right up to large premises, including warehouses, factories, open plan offices, conference rooms. This service can be continuous throughout the working day to ensure a high quality and clean environment is maintained at all times, meaning that the offices and premises are fresh and clean day and night.

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