Recruitment is the practice of attracting, selecting and applying suitable applicants to a particular job within a company. Recruitment can also be carried out for voluntary work or unpaid trainee roles where the process is still applied. Many companies use their own in—house HR departments to recruit while others may outsource this task to specialised organisations. There are two main types of recruitment – internal and external, and each is dependent on the vacancy and skills available. Internal recruitment can be achieved through promotion, transfer or re-employment and this type of recruitment is readily available to the company. External recruitment has many options available and will attract different types of individual; therefore, it is essential that you use the source relevant to your needs. A recruitment agency may be used to seek a professional candidate with specialised skills while an ad in the local paper may be best placed for reaching a wider more diverse market. Companies and businesses who wish to attract reliable and specific individuals will use various types of recruitment methods to achieve their goals and enhance their working team members. They may use one or several methods but when looking at whom to recruit the company must first look at the job specifics and recruit according to their needs.

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  1. Executive Search Agencies
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    Executive Search Agencies search for individuals on behalf of an organisation and these individuals range from entry level or junior level management roles to highly qualified individuals with specific skills for higher-level positions.

  2. Recruitment Companies
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    Organisations with vacancies to fill will look to recruitment agencies for help as they can attract a varied and diverse group of individuals. The recruitment company will look through all applications and identify those with the required qualifications for the vacancy and then they will look at the company and the individual and determine if they will work well together and have the ‘best fit’.

  3. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.