Executive Search Agencies

Executive search agencies are specialised firms that seek professional and highly qualified individuals for organisations and is commonly known as head hunting. These agencies deal with senior level vacancies, for example vice president, CEO. There are a few different types of executive searches available. A Retainer search searches for specialist roles that are difficult to fill and the agency will seek individuals and try to get their interest in your organisation (head hunting). The Engaged search seeks highly qualified candidates to apply for roles at mid-level for example Senior Manager to Director Level. A Contingent search is more commonly used for entry-level candidates to junior management roles and is used by larger companies looking to fill multiple vacant positions. Organisations use Executive Search Agencies for many different reasons and can be anything from entry-level candidates or junior level management roles to specific highly professional individuals or roles that require a specific skill and which are hard to fill. Larger organisations will use these agencies if they have multiple vacancies to fill whereas smaller organisations may use them to find a highly qualified individual for a specific role, for example Vice President, CEO.

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