Security Services

Security Services are there and are in place to protect people and property and to make them feel safe and secure. There are measures that can be put in place to assist in security and also depending on the area, security measures can be put in place to make people and places more protected. Security Services cover a wide area and it is important to get the right service for you. Technical Security services check for any unwanted technical devices in order to prevent leakage of sensitive information. Event Management Security Services, or bouncers, are used to protect and secure people and areas that may be vulnerable due to the location or event. Security guards, or officers, show a physical presence and protect our shops, offices, buildings and even people at risk. Anyone looking to protect their property may use one of the various security services. People who are in the public eye or who may be vulnerable may use the protection of a security service. Many people or organisations will use a service to help protect them and their property against any potential threat and make them feel safe and secure at all times.

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  1. Alarm Systems Installation and Testing
    - 1 Supplier 47 Services

    Alarm Systems act as a deterrent to potential threat or harm to an individual or premises and they alert you to any damage when activated by a high-pitched sound. Alarm systems vary and regular checks should be carried out to ensure they function properly.

  2. CCTV Services
    - 3 Suppliers 8 Services

    CCTV monitors vulnerable areas and these cameras can warn people that CCTV recording is in place and give peace of mind to the owners. CCTV captures images and displays these on a screen for private viewing or recorded on to local storage devices.

  3. Manned Guarding
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Services

    Manned Guarding has many different uses and is not just limited to physically protecting property or individuals against potential damage or harm. Manned Guarding can also be used for key holding offsite, locking and unlocking premises to key personnel outside normal working hours and is vital in protecting and controlling security.

  4. Mobile Patrols and Keyholding
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Services

    Mobile patrols and key holding is an ideal situation to protect your property and provide a physical presence (with the mobile patrols) on site deterring any potential threat, while key holding will give you peace of mind that your premises will be protected and any unwanted attention will be responded to and resolved immediately when required.

  5. Monitoring and Response
    - 2 Suppliers 15 Services

    Monitoring and Response is a complete package that gives you security and comfort that you, your property and your valuables will be safe and protected against any possible threat or damage. You and your property will be monitored, via CCTV, alarms etc. and any issues that arise will be responded to immediately and any threat or damage resolved.

  6. Parking Management
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Services

    Parking Management looks at current parking situations and identifies areas that require improved parking management services. It also identifies the best resource to control the parking providing cost effective parking facilities to the customers while keeping implementation costs at a minimum.

  7. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.