Express Couriers

An express courier is normally someone employed by a larger company to deliver goods or packages from one place to another quicker than a standard courier company. A company will normally use a courier service in busier locations as they can deliver small packages or parcels by other means of transport, such as a bicycle or motorcycle and they can move through heavy traffic zones quicker and easier. The express courier service can offer a range of services from overnight delivery to same day delivery, and depending on the needs of the customer and the type of goods being delivered, will determine the best method of courier service to be used. Express couriers can also deliver items that need to be at a specific location at a certain time, locally or internationally, at a quicker speed than average. Companies in heavy traffic areas may use express couriers as they can quickly go around traffic on bicycles or motorcycles. This is particularly efficient for smaller goods or packages that need to be delivered by a certain time or where companies offer a ‘just in time’ delivery option. International express couriers may be used by organisations where goods need to be delivered and received in a few days due to time restraints of the individual/company receiving the goods.