Road Freight

Road Freight is the transport of goods by road and the nature of this transportation depends on the type of goods being transported as well as the distance, weight and volume of the shipment. For smaller shipments a small van may be used, for larger shipments a truck may be more appropriate. Road Freight can be anything from individuals in their personal cars to small vans delivering goods or small packages, to large haulage firms transporting goods locally or internationally. Road Freight can be a long and dangerous method of transporting goods as the driver can become stuck in traffic, causing considerable delays in time or they can suffer from tiredness that may result in an accident. As a result, drivers have to follow strict rules and regulations relating to their driving time to ensure their safety and others on the road. Some big companies, for example supermarkets, may use small vans to transport groceries to paying customers locally and this service is still considered as road freight. A larger organisation shipping larger goods locally or internationally may use larger trucks or haulage firms specifically designed to deal with heavier transportation.