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Wheelabrator Group

Wheelabrator Group

We are the world leader in surface preparation technology, offering a complete range of airblast, wheelblast, shot peening and vibratory mass finishing equipment, spare parts and services.

The company designs and delivers to all industry sectors all over the world, and can provide surface preparation equipment support and services wherever you are in the world.

With approximately 15,000 active customers in nearly 100 countries, Wheelabrator continues to use the experience of having the largest installed base in the industry to deliver the best solution for the customer. 

Our approach to solving customers’ operating challenges is unique in the industry. Using insight gained from thousands of different applications across a variety of different industries, Wheelabrator’s technical experts work closely with customers to design custom solutions to meet their operating needs. This approach has been so well received by the market that approximately two thirds of Wheelabrator’s surface preparation equipment sales are custom engineered to the precise specifications of the customer. The remaining third are standard items which incorporate the same level of Wheelabrator quality and reliability, but can be delivered more quickly at a competitive price.


Airblast Equipment

Airblast Equipment

Wheelabrator has the most extensive portfolio of airblast machines in the global market. It includes manual machines for blast cleaning through to highly complex shot peening machines for the aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

The blasting task determines the selection of dry/wet blast and abrasive media to be utilised. In both air and wet blasting the blast nozzles can be installed in fixed positions or can be operated manually or by automatic nozzle manipulators or robots.

Defining the right airblast machine is notoriously complex. Therefore Wheelabrator has developed a set of 8 principles to ease the decision making process, ensure that the right solution is developed for the application and ultimately reduce your cost per part.

As the leading technology company for surface preparation, Wheelabrator is able to design and develop this process known as Module8, due to the extensive experience and expertise held within the company.

The 8 principles are as follows:

- Flexibility
- Wear reduction
- Ease of maintenance
- Safety
- Productivity reliability
- Process reliability
- Quality
- Short delivery times

With our commitment to continuous enhancement of blasting processes in combination with the latest innovative machine concepts, Wheelabrator customers always receive the best technologies.

See the latest technology, dive into the inner workings of our precision airblast products in our new “Animation and Videos” section of the website.


Wheelblast Equipment

Wheelblast Equipment

Wheelabrator offers the largest variety of wheelblast machines worldwide. More than 50,000 active wheelblast machines globally prove the ability of Wheelabrator to deliver the right solution. The range encompasses the shotblast machines from DISA, now rebranded "Wheelabrator".

A complete range of standard designs is available for batch or continuous/in-line processes, alternatively Wheelabrator can provide a custom-designed solution to fit your application. Whatever solution is appropriate for your needs and will bring you the best return on investment, Wheelabrator has the solution or the competence, know-how and skills to develop it.

With our global engineering and production facilities, we are able to provide locally-built machines that serve your needs, your application, your specification and your budget. We understand your market, your pressures, your needs - and we speak your language.

Want to find out more about our wheelblast equipment? Our extensive range of machines detailed on our website and our new “Animation and Videos” page will take you to the heart of the wheelblast process.


Shot Blast Peening Equipment

Shot Blast Peening Equipment

Wheelabrator specialises in custom-designed Shot Blast Peening Equipment and surface preparation solutions to provide a solution to your challenges.With global innovation (five technology centres across the world) and global machine support, we can support your shot peening requirements.

Shot peening is a process specifically designed to enhance the fatigue strength of components which are subject to high alternating stress. Surface treatment procedures like grinding, milling, bending or heat treatment procedures cause Tensile Residual Stress.

This Tensile Residual Stress leads to low life cycles of the parts. Shot Peening converts Tensile Residual Stress into Compressive Residual Stress which leads to significant increases in the life cycle of parts and their maximum load capacities.

Wide Ranging Solutions to Fit All Applications: Shot Peening is cost effective and reliable and can be achieved with Airblasting or Wheelblasting – depending on capacities, part size and requirements. Landing gears or turbine blades of aircraft, artificial joints in the medical industry, gear wheels, gear shafts, valve springs, suspension springs, connecting rods, and many other parts in various industries are shot peened every day.

Wheelabrator offers a range of shot peening machines to meet the requirements of all industries from architecture to aerospace. We have the capability to realise complete solutions with different blasting processes from one source, and with the ability to combine air and wheel blast technology, offers a range of innovative solutions to fulfil customers' needs.


Replacement Shot Blast Parts

Replacement Shot Blast Parts

Wheelabrator Plus offers the largest aftermarket replacement parts supply for the surface preparation industry globally.

With the capability of maintaining and upgrading surface preparation equipment from both Wheelabrator and most other brands within the industry, Wheelabrator Plus continually strives to help find a solution that is affordable and profitable for you.

We have the technical expertise and knowledge to provide a wide range of airblast and wheelblast replacement parts for Wheelabrator equipment. The ASTRAL collection is the range of replacement wear parts for non Wheelabrator blast equipment available from Wheelabrator Plus. Parts are always delivered in the shortest of lead times, ensuring machine downtime is kept to a minimum.


Shot Blast Equipment Maintenance and Services

Shot Blast Equipment Maintenance and Services

Focused entirely on providing a customer friendly solution that is affordable and profitable for you, the Wheelabrator Plus team offers a whole range of services for all users of surface preparation equipment, no matter how big or small.

Maintenance and service

Wheelabrator Plus provides equipment service and maintenance packages tailored to your specific needs to ensure you experience minimum downtime and maximum productivity.

Equipment modernisation and upgrades

Wheelabrator’s knowledge and experience not only allows us to restore your equipment to its original operational state but to also make significant improvements that enable you to become more profitable through the introduction of new technology.

Our engineers spend time to understand your challenges and provide the latest Wheelabrator technology solutions to upgrade and modernise your equipment so that you can meet your customers' needs whilst cost effectively extending the lifespan of your current investment.

Equipment Relocation

If you are planning to relocate equipment, Wheelabrator Plus can safely and quickly move, reassemble and recommission your shot blast surface preparation equipment to its new location, reducing your downtime and ensuring that you are back in production as quickly as possible.


Shot Peening Services

Shot Peening Services

Wheelabrator Impact is the specialist subcontract shot peening supplier to industries requiring expertly outsourced shot peening services. With over 50 years experience, Wheelabrator Impact utilises the latest controlled and automated equipment to provide a comprehensive project management process, adhering to high quality standards, in line with the latest international civil and defence industry approvals.

The company’s expertise includes shot peen forming, correction peening, saturation fatigue and all aspects of fatigue enhancement, automated aesthetic shot peen and glass bead finishing as well as surface preparation.

The industries we serve, include but are not limited to: Aerospace, Architecture, Automotive / Motorsport, Oil & Gas and general engineering sectors.


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