Manufacturers of silicone rubber solid and sponge products including sheeting, extruded tube, sections and profiles, washers, gaskets and fabrications; solid and sponge formats for all products

MVQ SILICONES has for many years been at the forefront of this market, developing a comprehensive range of silicone rubber products which are now used in hugely diverse applications from automotive and aeronautic industries to pharmaceutical and food processing.

We have in addition to our production a huge stock program in sections, strips, cords, tubes with or without reinforcement as well sheets and rolls in certain thicknesses, dimensions, qualities and colours, which allows also small quantities for best price and delivery.

Our products: silicone hoses, platinum-crosslinked silicone rubber hoses, silicone foam cords, silicone foam profiles, edge protection profiles of silicone, silicone foam gaskets, silicone foam sheets, silicone plates, self-adhesive silicone tape, silicone seals and gaskets

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