Spill Hound

  • Fleming Technical Limited, Brunel Road
  • Croft Business Park, Bromborough
  • Wirral
  • Cheshire
  • United Kingdom
  • CH62 3NY (map)

  • Tel: 0800 037 7317
  • Website: www.spillhound.com

Spill Hound is an oil absorption solution made from renewable derived materials. Spill Hound oil absorption is non abrasive and provides an unrivalled oil spill cleaning performance. Spill Hound does not contain any mineral-based or clay components and is used by many types of industries including: bus companies, garages, car manufacturers, airports, councils and the Armed Forces.

The way that Spill Hound is made makes it a natural absorbent of solvents, oils and paints that are oil based and will give unrivalled performance.

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