123 Insight Ltd


The award-winning 123insight software is everything that you would expect to find in an MRP/ERP manufacturing system, and now also has the option of CRM and Service & Repair. It is effective, affordable, flexible, versatile, quick to implement, very easy to use and ideal for the small to medium sized manufacturer.

  • No capital outlay - Monthly subscription with no minimum period
  • No need for weeks away from your factory on complex training - 6 days of training
  • No obligation training - if the system isn't suitable for your business just walk away without paying a penny
  • No need to wait months to get up and running - once you've evaluated the suitability of the system you've already been trained!
  • No need to employ a 'computer' expert or anyone with previous MRP/ERP skills

We offer free Evaluation Workshops, held monthly around the UK. 123insight has won various awards and accolates, including the MWP Advanced Manufacturing 'Best Production Management System' in 2012.

Book a free place at the next available Evaluation Workshop on our website (see link above).

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