1Gas provide expert help to connect new gas meters and gas pipes for business customers, both industrial and commercial.

Organising gas connections can be a complex and expensive process, but at 1Gas our aim is to deliver installation and connection of a new gas meter, gas pipe or gas supply as easily as possible. We can assist businesses that wish to move, alter, upgrade or downgrade a gas connection or service, and help with most relocations, upgrades and disconnections. 1Gas are gas connection specialists, with industry experience and customer service skills to help you obtain gas connections, gas pipes and gas meters efficiently and economically. 

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Services: An Overview Of Gas Services

Providing choice

1Gas offers a comprehensive range of gas connection and gas installation independent services giving you freedom to choose the option that is right for you. If you lack the know-how, time or patience to co-ordinate the works yourself, let us take the weight from your shoulders.

Efficiency and project management

Our aim is to respond efficiently to your gas needs, offering industry-leading customer service. Our customers include direct customers, energy brokers, contractors and developers. No gas connection project is too large or too small and every customer benefits from our fast end efficient service.

We minimise the stress and time involved in co-ordinating projects, thus allowing you to concentrate on other matters. If you're looking for complete peace of mind, one contact, and innovative communication at every stage, contact 1Gas, safe in the knowledge that we will delight you with our service.

As part of our efforts to promote efficiency, we allow our customers to request and track orders online, somewhat a rarity in the gas connections industry.

Services: An Overview Of Gas Services

What Gas Services Do 1Gas Offer?

1Gas offers a comprehensive range of gas connection services including gas meter and/or gas pipe installations, disconnections, relocation works, upgrades, downgrades, gas pipe capacity checks, live or dead checks and gas connections advice at no charge.

At 1Gas we take our responsibilities seriously. We ensure that work is done correctly and efficiently, and that progress is communicated easily at all times. Under normal circumstances, we believe gas connections requests can often be a compromise. Other gas connections companies or gas suppliers may use technical jargon that can be confusing.

They may also only offer to manage one part of the connection process (e.g. the gas pipe but not a gas meter) potentially causing problems when a meter is fitted. 1Gas offers a refreshing approach to the gas connections industry – we organise your gas connection requirements from start to finish meaning you only have one company and one named person to liaise with. 

What Gas Services Do 1Gas Offer?

Reasons To Choose 1Gas

1. We can save you money by sourcing separate and independent quotes for your gas meter, gas pipe connection and gas supply contract.

2. We are independent of gas suppliers, so there is no pressure for you to have your gas meter or gas-supply contract with a particular supplier. We can shop around for you and provide freedom for you to choose.

3. We provide an online order service to submit gas connection quote requests faster. It’s far easier and quicker than completing tedious paper forms.

4. Our unique online tracking service offers instant visibility on the progress of quotes or orders which interested parties can view simultaneously. We communicate delays and likely completion dates to you efficiently. If we are organised then our customers are organised too.

5. Personal account manager. We offer one point of contact who knows about your order and will manage the whole process from start to finish

6. We are not a call centre, so there are no queues, and no menus to negotiate to speak to someone. Get through straight away to a real person who will deal with your enquiry professionally and fast.

7. Unrivaled customer service. Ever experienced a less than helpful attitude, missed call back, broken promises or simply bad service that left you feeling dismayed? We know all the pitfalls of bad customer service which is why we know how to avoid them and offer you an experience which will delight you.

8. Some companies only offer services to particular regions of the county. Not 1Gas, we offer gas pipe and gas meter connection services Nationwide (mainland Britain only).

Reasons To Choose 1Gas

Gas Emergency Advice

Your first action should be to call the gas emergency service on 0800 111 999 to rule out any safety or leakage issues. An engineer will normally attend within one hour. Open all doors and windows to ventilate the room. 

Get fresh air immediately. Switch off the appliance and do not reuse it until it has been checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Shut off the gas supply at the mains (if you know where this is). Do not smoke or turn on any lights or electrical appliances.

Gas Emergency Advice

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