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Off the shelf Conference badges of various sizes and fittings are available here at 1st Badge. We specialise in producing conference badges in tough and clear lightweight plastic. Our conference badges or Nameholders, are a quick solution to identification problems.

We enable you to write, type or print your own colourful design. Use standard office software to print your badges - so no "special" software required

Our conference badges are made in the UK and are designed to be kinder to the environment.

Executive Namebadges

Off the shelf Gold and chrome-plated framed executive namebadges. We make personalised executive namebadges using the latest lightweight materials with a choice of finishes and fittings including frosted or brushed silver or gold with a pin or magnet fitting.

These can be printed with your logo and named if required.

Namebadges in Frames

Off the shelf personalised namebadges in frames. Our namebadges in frames are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes including 58x22mm, 72x22mm, 75x25mm and 67x40mm.

These can be printed with your logo and named if required.

Executive Panel Badges

Off the shelf simple, executive panel badges in metal which are lightweight, elegant and stylish . Our executive panel badges look the equal of their more expensive counterparts yet are very simple in nature and more economical for us to produce. We use the latest materials and print methods to ensure there is no compromise with quality.

These can be printed with your logo and named for you if required.

Panel Badges

Off the shelf panel badges are simple, lightweight, elegant and stylish, made from metal or PVC. These panel badges are cost effective and  come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and finishes.

These can be printed with your logo and named for you if required.

DIY Namebadges

Off the shelf high quality DIY namebadges that look very professional. Our Snap-Fit badges enable you to print your logos and names on the paper provided and simply snap them together. They have been designed to be hard-wearing, reusable and come with a choice of fittings.

These can be reverse printed with your logo if required

Badge Reels

Off the shelf Retractable Badge Reels offered in various colours. These are ideally suited for  ID Card Holders and Snap fit badge and can be clipped onto belts, pockets etc..

ID Card Holders

Off the shelf ID card holders in Blue, Green, White, Black, Yellow and Red colours. Can be fitted with either a Necklet Chain, ID Strap & Clasp or a Reel. Can also be used in either portrait or landscape orientation

We can produce ID cards to accompany these if required

Lanyard Cords

Off the shelf Lanyard cords in Yellow, Red, Black and Blue. Ideal accessory for SnapFit badges and ID Card holders.


Brother P-Touch Label Printer

Off the shelf Brother P-Touch Label Printer

Print speed up to 20mm per second
Durable labels up to 12mm, able to handle extreme conditions - great for badges
Convenient built-in cutter
Easy to use QWERTY keyboard
Easy-to-read graphical LCD screen

Comes with AC Adapter and carry case
Ready to use with complimentary 12mm black on white tape (4mtrs)

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