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We provide different levels of outsourced services dependant upon your particular requirements.

We can provide secure, informative payslips on time, handle all calculations, and provide you with easy to read information. We can also calculate hours worked, overtime, and pro-rata salaries.


Payroll Bureau

We offer a comprehensive payroll bureau service which enables you to outsource your payroll.

Whether you are a small, medium or large company we can produce valuable management information structured to suit your needs.

Payroll Bureau

Pay and Charge

Pay and Charge is a fully managed payroll service that releases your business from the tasks of payroll and client invoicing, thereby reducing operational costs. With the Pay and Charge service we will provide:

  • A comprehensive reporting package with detailed margin reports by employee, client, consultant, branch or department
  • Weekly or monthly audit trails
  • An event diary to assist in credit control
  • Invoices tailored to your specification

Pay and Charge frees your staff’s valuable time to focus on building core business.

Pay and Charge

Outsource Your Payroll

We also offer a comprehensive solution for direct debit collections and direct credit payments (such as supplier payments etc).

Our systems are designed to integrate with a wide range of accounting and bespoke software. Our direct debit systems are completely compliant with AUDDIS.

Outsource Your Payroll
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