21st Century Tints


Here at 21st Century Tints, we have a large selection of residential tints to suit your needs. These diverse films can be fitted to nearly any glass, old or new, without restricting your view. All of our residential tints come with a UV Inhibitor to stop 98% of the harmful UV rays which contribute to the fading of your fading of your furniture. We also supply a number of films that provide semi or complete privacy.



Commercial Tints

During the summer months, the heat from the sun can cause office temperatures to rise dramatically making it unbearably hot. You will benefit from installing our solar control commercial tints in your offices and shops. Our commercial tints are designed to reflect light and solar energy by up to 80 percent. They reduce heat absorbed, cut down glare and dramatically reduce the heat build-up in most situations.



Vehicle Tints

We provide a full vehicle tints for both the trade and the public. Our staff are fully insured and trained to deal with your every need. To complement our vehicle tint services, we provide a collection and delivery service or a loan vehicle.



Vehicle Graphics

We provide high quality vehicle graphics based on your own ideas and designs. Our vehicle graphics can be provided in an extensive range of colours and includes vinyl sign writing, full and part vehicle wrapping and vehicle colour change services.




We provide COOLKOTE treatments for conservatory use to prevent heat from building up under polycarbonate. The product reflects the sun's heat away before it can be transmitted. Immediate and dramatic reductions in internal daytime temperatures are achieved. This system is a high-performance metalised pvc coating providing an inexpensive and extremely effective solution to the problem of heat build-up within your conservatory.



Vehicle Tuning

We are experts in advanced vehicle tuning and remapping of your cars ECU chips. Our vehicle tuning will improve the engine efficiency of your car and give it increased power and fuel economy. We provide serial remapping and tuning of both petrol and diesel engines.



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