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At 21st Century Video Ltd, we specialise in the supply, support, installation and training in the use of video conferencing systems. We supply video conferencing equipment provided with all the advice and technical support you require.

Video Conferencing Consultancy

Our experienced video conferencing consultancy team provide high quality computing technology and skills, to enable people to work alongside each other while being miles apart. Our video conferencing consultancy team ensure you are provided with cost-effective solutions appropriate for your requirements.

Video Conferencing Equipment

We supply an impressive range of video conferencing equipment from the leading manufacturers including VCON, Polycom, Vidyo, ViewCast Inc and Sony to name a few. Our high quality video conferencing equipment supplies includes video equipment and audio equipment to suit your requirements.

Papers on Video Conferencing

We supply technical papers on video conferencing to provide detailed explanations on technical aspects of each subject including the pros and cons of the systems. Our advanced papers on video conferencing include:

  • How do I choose a Video Conferencing system?
  • Video Conferencing Standards and Terminology
  • H.323 Terminals, Gatekeepers, Gateways and MCUs
  • Global Dialling Scheme (GDS) for Schools Video Conferencing
  • H.323 Dial Plan and Service Codes used by Gatekeepers etc
  • IP Ports and Protocols used by H.323 Devices
  • Cost Efficient ISDN Conferencing, including Multipoint Access
  • H.221 Framing used in ISDN Conferences

21st Century Video Ltd

Here at 21st Century Video Ltd, we specialise in the supply, support, installation and training of video conferencing systems and network equipment. We stock equipment from the leading manufacturers and follow ISO 9001:2008 standard guidelines. At 21st Century Video Ltd, we will help you to choose the best video conference solution to meet your individual requirements and improve your credentials.  

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