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Here at 3D FilaPrint, we offer an impressive range of filaments. In addition to whole spools, we also sell 5 and 10 metre filament sample wraps of every filament type in both 1.75mm and 2.85/3mm. We offer FREE delivery for delivery address within the UK and competitive prices worldwide.

3D Printing Filaments

For all your 3D printing filaments, we are your one source. Our service is unrivalled – we have the largest selection of 3D printing filaments on sale in the UK, and we offer the cheapest high-quality service, including free delivery.

Specialty 3D Printing Filaments

At 3D FilaPrint, our comprehensive, versatile services include the provision of specialty 3D printing filaments. Our range is extensive, ensuring all possible requirements can be met, and our service is highly professional and cost-effective. We offer specialty 3D printing filaments in a wide range of different colours to meet your individual requirements.

PLA Filament

We offer an abundance of exceptional options in PLA filament. No matter what your requirement or preference, we’re sure to have the perfect PLA filament to match. We always have 1000's of options in stock. To see the full range of options, visit our website now.

ABS Filaments

Our exceptional range of high-quality filaments includes the provision of ABS filaments. An almost odourless ABS filament with a very high transparency, our Clearscent™ ABS by Formfutura enables you to 3D print transparent ABS objects without the unpleasant smell of ABS during 3D printing. Our ABS filaments are available in a selection of semi-transparent colours to meet your needs.

Filament Reseller

If you’re looking to acquire an exceptional filament reseller service, at 3D FilaPrint, we can ensure all your requirements are catered for. We guarantee a cost-effective, highly professional service, which is flexible to your needs.

For more filament reseller information please get in touch with us.

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