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3D Lockers offer a great range of lockers in the UK including school lockers, gym lockers, work lockers and storage lockers. Whether it is metal lockers for storing personal effects or steel lockers for changing rooms, you will be sure to find the perfect locker in a wide variety of colours and sizes.  A selection of laminate lockers, plastic lockers and wet area lockers are also available as well as laptop lockers and our popular mobile phone lockers.  

3D Lockers are specialists in supplying lockers for schools.  A huge range of quality metal lockers, low height primary school lockers and school cloakroom equipment is available at great prices.  Metal lockers provide the ideal place for school children to store books and bags away safely so corridors and classrooms are clutter free.  Available as one door lockers, two door lockers or three door lockers with a selection of locking options to choose from.  Quantity discounts are available for units of ten or more.

We can offer a variety of gym lockers perfect for storing away clothing and sports bags.  Our standard metal lockers are a great value range of lockers for gyms looking for secure storage lockers with brightly coloured doors to complement the style and ambience of the gym.  Our range of sports lockers and gym lockers include wooden lockers, plastic lockers, laminate lockers and golf lockers and will not  look out of place in any sports facility, gym or spa and can even be used in sports changing rooms in schools and colleges. 

Our laptop lockers are specially designed storage units providing a safe place for laptop storage, tablet or notebook storage. Particularly useful in schools, universities and colleges where laptop security is paramount.  We offer a range of laptop storage lockers as well as a range of laptop charging units and laptop trolleys.  Laptop lockers are a great way to keep laptops safe and fully charged when not in use. 

Primary/Junior School Lockers

We have a quality range of primary or junior school low height lockers which have been specially designed with school children in mind.  Low height lockers come in a choice of heights including 900mm, 1382mm and 1200mm so smaller users or nursery children can access their locker compartment easily.

Primary school lockers provide a place for students to store away books, bags and PE kits in one tidy place.  Corridors and classrooms can sometimes become cluttered and a hazard with things lying around on the floor if there isn't enough space on coat pegs.  If you are short on space, our small cube lockers, quarto and sixto lockers can easily be installed and will instantly organise your school and look the part.

A wide range of door colours are available to choose from including our popular pastel colours.  Why not jazz up your school corridor by selecting a mix of colours to create a pattern or stripes?  Our paint colours come with an anti-bacterial powder coating as standard to help prevent bugs and bacteria spreading in school.

Quick Delivery Lockers

Quick delivery lockers are available from stock and ready to despatch the next working day.  If you need storage lockers in a hurry or have forgotten to order some and urgently have a requirement - our range of express delivery lockers are available!

Choose from either red, blue or light grey doors and from a range of sizes and door configurations.  Quick delivery lockers can be delivered within 5 working days but if you need your order even faster, we are able to offer a next day carrier service at a small extra cost.

Quick delivery lockers are ideal for use in gyms, offices, staff rooms, schools, factories and more.

High Gloss Lockers

High gloss lockers are the perfect solution if you require the practicality of storage lockers but also look stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Gloss lockers are the latest addition to our range of office lockers but can also be used as gym lockers.  Our gloss office lockers will fit into any modern office envirnment and are ideal for storing away laptops, handbags, spare clothing and personal items.

A range of elegant door colours can be chosen from stock including gloss white, gloss slate, gloss black or gloss maramara blue.  Lockers are made with a steel body and a laminate door with a high finish gloss coating.  End panels finish off a run of lockers or where the end of a locker would be exposed.  

Gloss Lockers are made to order and can be delivered to you within 3 working weeks.  

Laptop Lockers

Laptop lockers are suitable for any school, college, office, hospital, police or business environment where laptops and tablets are frequently used.  Laptop lockers provide a safe lockable place to store away devices when not in use and saves employees or pupils carring them back and forth between home and work/school.  As laptops are now being increasingly used for work or school studies, making sure there is a secure place to keep them is essential.

Choose from laptop storage lockers or laptop charging lockers which come with a three pin plug socket in each compartment to plug charging cables in.  We have a range of door options with either individual locker doors or locker compartments with one main door.  Full height or low height lockers are available to fit in any space.

Any type of laptop can be stored in our lockers along with tablets and iPads.  Devices can be re-charged when not in use so they are ready to use with full power on the next occasion.  If lockers need to be moved around to different areas during the day, you might want to consider a laptop trolley.  These handy storage units offer laptop storage and charging facilities while being able to be wheeled from A to B quickly.

Office Lockers

Office lockers come in a variety of finishes, sizes and colours for storing personal items away,locking away laptops and media devices or securely storing mobile phones while employees are at work.  Office storage lockers can easily be fitted into offices, staffrooms, cloakrooms or warehouses, giving staff a small place to keep their valuables secure.

Our standard metal lockers make a great office locker, with a wide selection of contemporary door colours to choose from, we are sure there is a colour to suit any office decor.  High gloss office lockers are available if you require something which looks a little more stylish but is still a practical storage locker.  White gloss, slate or black gloss effect doors will look the part in any modern office area.  Our timber effect lockers and laminate lockers can also be used in the office.

Office lockers are a great way to minimise the risk of theft in the workplace - employees and staff have their own lockable place to keep valuables during the working day.  Hanging rails and captive coat hangers can be fitted in single door and two door lockers to allow staff to hang clothing or uniforms.  A top shelf comes as standard in single door lockers which comes in handy for separating shoes or lunchboxes.


Personal Effects Lockers

Personal effects lockers are excellent for use in schools, gyms, offices, workplaces, hospitals and more.  These small compartment lockers are available with up to 40 compartments in one unit.  Our popular 40 compartment personal effects locker can store keys, wallets and mobile phones in a secure place.  A range of door colours can be selected or you can have a mix of multi-colours in a pattern or random.

Mobile phone lockers are ideal for workplaces or schools where mobile phone use is banned.  Pupils or staff can have peace of mind that their phone can be safely locked away.  These small units come with wither 4, 8 or 16 compartments and can have either a flat top or sloping top to prevent litter being collected above the locker.  

Personal Effects lockers can be fixed back to a wall or wall mounted to maximise space.  Locking options range from a standard camlock with 2 keys to 4 digit combinaiton locks or coin return locks.  

Wooden Lockers

Wooden Lockers fit the bill if you need storage lockers but are looking for something a little more stylish than a metal locker. Our wooden lockers are manufactured from solid grade laminate and have a stong steel carcass making them strong and long lasting.  A selection of wood effect finishes including oak, beech and walnut are available.  Timber effect lockers are suitable for offices, gyms, golf clubs, spas and reception areas or places where appearance is of high importance.  Spare clothing, bags, shoes and valuables can easily be locked away.

Single door wooden lockers come with a top shelf and hanging rail as standard, clothes and shoes can be stored separately along with full hanging space.  Wooden lockers can be bought as individual units and nested together on site.  End panels are available to buy to finish off a run of lockers.  A camlock with 2 keys comes as standard or you can have a hasp & staple swivel lock suitable for using with a padlock.

Workwear Lockers

Our workwear locker range provides a selection of quality steel lockers designed for use in changing rooms in the work place. Often employees working in factories and production areas will wear a uniform or have some kind of protective clothing.  Our uniform lockers, personal workwear lockers and clean & dirty lockers offer a lockable place for staff to store away spare clothing or uniforms along with separating shoes and bags.

Clean & Dirty lockers separate work clothes from day clothes with a central divider and coat hook in each compartment.A hatshelf can be used for storing shoes, bags or lunchboxes.  This type of locker is ideal for environments where hygiene is of high importance with an anti bacterial paint finish as standard.

Crew lockers are ideal for emergency service personnel such as the police force, NHS or construction sites.  Its extra wide width and depth allows for bulky uniforms and protective clothing to be stored, along with boots and personal effects. A hanging rail is provided along with a top and bottom shelf.

Other practical lockers in this range include the uniform locker, two person locker and the dispenser/collector lockers.  

Mobile Phone Lockers

Mobile phone lockers are designed to keep mobile devices and small personal items locked away in schools, gyms, offices, staff rooms and hospitals.  These handy small compartment lockers can easily be placed in any workplace or school so mobile phones can be stored away safely during the day.  Storage only or charging options are available so mobiles can be charged while not in use.

The 8 door charging phone locker is a secure storage locker for all types of mobile phones including iphone, samsung, HTC and can be plugged in and left to charge.  The cable at the back of the locker simply needs to be plugged in to a mains socket and they are ready to use.

All mobile phone lockers have the option of a flat top or a sloping top.  Sloping tops are a good idea for schools and colleges so litter cannot be collected on top of the locker.  You can also choose from either a plain metal door or with perforations.

Plastic Lockers

Our plastic lockers range offers a highly durable, waterproof storage solution excellent for schools, gyms, swimming pools & leisure areas, production areas and factories.  Plastic lockers can be used in humid areas and wet areas and our Ultrabox Plus plastic lockers can even be used outside.  Plastic lockers are constructed from strong polyethylene making them extremely hard wearing, vandal resistant and rust resistant.

Ultrabox Lockers can be used in swimming pools where metal lockers would rust over time and also can be used in wash down areas in factories and production areas.  The ultrabox plus plastic lockers have an added door seal and extra features which makes the locker fully waterproof and weather resistant.  

All plastic lockers come with an anti-bacterial coating as standard, reducing the spread of germs and bacteria by up to 99.9%. An ideal choice for hospitals and healthcare facilities where hygiene is paramount.  

Hazardous Cabinets

Our hazardous cabinet range has been designed to store dangerous chemicals away safely and securely including chemical paints, solvents and flammable substances.  We have a range of hazardous cupboards in various heights, widths and depths, along with our mobile hazardous cabinets.  

By storing dangerous chemicals away correctly, the risk to health will be limited and prevents unauthorized access.  All our hazardous storage cupboards are lockable, leak proof, have spillage retaining shelves and sumps.  A powder coated anti-bacterial paint finish comes as standard along with new GHS labelling.  Cupboards and cabinets are clearly identifiable with the correct labelling.


Our industrial workstation range is ideal for use in factories, production areas, staff rooms and workshops.  Many workplaces can easily become cluttered and disorganised with paperwork and tools.  The workstation allows for storage of paperwork, has lockable doors and drawers, a sloping writing surface and the option of a pegboard or whiteboard for notes and reminders. Tool workstations can store away every day essentials such as protective eye wear and hardhats.  

Computer workstations are great for use in a factory or production environment so computers and keyboards can be locked away securely at the end of the day.  

Bike Racks

As part of the Olymipc Legacy more &  more of us are taking to our bikes to keep fit.  Cycling to work or school is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.  Businesses are being encouraged by the government to create a more active nation in their 'moing more, living more' campaign.  Grants are available from over 96 local authorities.  Our selection of bike racks and cycle shelters are ideal for schools, universities, hospitals and businesses.

Wet Area Lockers

Lockers for use in wet or humid areas have to be of premium quality and be upto the rigours of a water based environment such as swimming pools and washdown areas.  Our range of budget wet area lockers are made from galvanised steel whereas our plastic lockers and wet area laminate lockers are ideal for providing long lasting solutions.  Chlorine resistant locking options and locker stands are also available to complete the range.

Standard Cupboards

Whether you are looking for a standard cupboard for an industrial application or cupboard for office stationery, our range of cupboards cater for both.  We offer additional shelves and internal partitions so you can create your ultimate cupboard layout to suit your storage needs.

Full 1800mm high cupboards or half height 1m high cupboards come as standard with with different widths including single door and 2 door options.  Add this to a variety of door colours to choose from, you have the ultimate selection of quality cupboards at 3D Lockers.

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