3T Logistics Ltd.

3t logistics are a 4PL (4th party logistics provider) and  are currently building a cluster net work throughout Wales, this network is focusing on transportation, enabling companies that participate to reduce their transport budget costs significantly while increasing efficiency, improving visibility, controls and flexibility within their supply chain.  

3t provides a service managing a clients transportation requirements, inbound and outbound using the optimum methods.

The heart of the process is GCM (Global Carrier Manager) a highly sophisticated transport management system developed by 3t - GCM provides the infrastructure to manage highly complex transport operations.

Most companies that use 3t enjoy a typical saving to their transport budget of ca 20% 3t charge a management fee which is a percentage of the saving so a self funding exercise.

The Welsh Assembly Government are supporting this program and for a limited period there is an opportunity to receive  funding for a diagnostics assessment which can be carried out by 3t, this typically would take 2 to 3 day and require data which is analysed and reported back detailing the findings and any opportunity

To find out more information please go to www.3tlogistics.com  or call 01162861906 where a 3t representative will be able to assist.



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