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We develop and deliver state-of-the-art portfolio and project management software.

We make portfolio management easier with our comprehensive portfolio and project management software. Benefits include:

  • Evaluate every project using your own defined sets of criteria, to arrive at an overall score
  • Produce simple sorted lists of projects in score order
  • Compare projects on bubble charts, using selected criteria

Project Planning Software

We also provide project planning software. Our project planning software includes a wealth of software tools for estimating, planning and scheduling your project.

Our project planning software includes the use of Gantt charts and Precedence Networks, for project estimating, scheduling and planning, and histograms to monitor your resource scheduling.

For more information on our project planning software, visit our website.

Project Planning Software

Critical Path Analysis Software

We specialise in developing and providing critical path analysis software. We provide fully-integrated portfolio, programme, project, resource management and critical path analysis software.

By identifying the critical activities in a project, critical path analysis helps you to:

  • Optimise performance
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Clarify responsibilities
  • Improve control
Critical Path Analysis Software

Project Management Software

With our project management software, we provide all the tools you need to help manage your projects.

Once your project is under way, you can monitor progress against plan by reviewing the "RAG traffic lights" shown at all levels from the individual tasks, through the products and stages (activities and phases) right up to the whole project.

Key tasks and milestones can have deadline dates assigned to them, for detailed monitoring of progress. For more information on our project management software, visit our website.

Project Management Software

Resource Management Software

4c offers a number of resource management software tools to help with capacity planning, resource scheduling, and the allocation of all of your resources. Not just skills and staff, but non-human resources.

The resource allocation system lets you allocate skills to project tasks at the estimating stage, and replace them with the actual people later, or assign people from the outset. For more information on our resource management software, visit our website.

Resource Management Software

Time and Expense Collection Software

To get the best use out of your 4c system, we recommend that you use the 4c integrated 4c Time and Expense Collection software to collect the actual time spent on projects, and also on non-project activities.

Features of our time and expense collection software include:

  • Versatile time collecting options
  • Automated time tracking facility
  • Flexitime management
  • Expenses forms
Time and Expense Collection Software

Project Programme Management Software

We supply advanced and versatile project programme management software. Unlike many project programme management software applications, if you want to see the overall portfolio or programme of work, with 4c you don not have to transfer the data to another application. All of the project data ‘rolls up’ to the programme level, completely automatically.

You can also sub-divide the portfolio into programmes and sub-programmes with as many levels as you want, with projects summarised at each level. For more information, visit our website.

Project Programme Management Software

Business Process Mapping Software

One of the problems with introducing new software is helping inexperienced or infrequent users find their way around the system. Our business process mapping software provides the solutions. If you are using a standard methodology such as PRINCE2, you will want to make sure users follow the procedures and complete all the steps laid down. This is where 4c comes in.

You can create project lifecycles or ‘process maps’ which lead people through the procedure. Where 4c is used to complete a step, the user can go straight to the correct area without having to remember which menu option to choose or which button to click on.

Business Process Mapping Software

Risks and Issues Logging Software

With 4c you can define your own risks and issues log (risk register) with our risks and issues logging software.

Our risks and issues logging software also allows you to then, against each project, enter the issues and risks as they occur, and monitor progress on resolving or mitigating them.

The logs can include:

  • Status descriptions
  • Severity measurements and scores
  • Assigned responsibilities
  • Additional codes such as lookups and evaluation settings (e.g. for assessing the probability and impact of identified risks)

Use our cross-project reporting capabilities to report on logs of a certain type, or to list logged items which have been marked as a certain person’s responsibility.

Risks and Issues Logging Software

Document Management Software

With our document management software, we can act as a repository for documents associated with the project. By holding the documents in the 4c database, you can to keep track of them from within 4c, maintain version control, and issue them and email them as required.

Further features of our document management software include:

  • Link standard documents to project templates so documents are automatically added to projects when they are created
  • Add further documents to the project as required
  • Project documents are stored in the 4c database: only authorised users can access them, so updates and versions are tracked
  • Keep track of revisions/issues of the document
  • Document check in/out facilities - once a document has been checked out, it becomes "read only" to other 4c users
Document Management Software

Project Planning

4c is used for project planning. As well as project planning it is used for scheduling and monitoring and for portfolio and programme management in a wide variety of industries and applications such as:

  • Software development
  • Professional services automation
  • Engineering
  • Publishing
  • Budget management
  • Ship repair

Our team of friendly and professional staff provide these services:

We can also produce a Critical Path for you.

Project Planning

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