We are specialists in the manufacture of high speed, low cost sample moulding and our design team can create on-screen CAD prototyping for your approval.

Our manufacture of high speed, low cost sample moulding service will prepare the design into CAM data for CNC machining into either resin or timber board. The tool can then be finished by hand by our team prior to forming so you are able to give the final approval.

Manufacture of Production Mouldings

The next phase is the manufacture of production mouldings. This is where the production tooling is created by CNC machining from a billet of aluminium or high heat tooling board or if you require it can be sent off for foundry casting.

Part of the manufacture of production mouldings includes CNC trimming on our 5-axis routers. The tooling can then be held on site for future production runs subject to commercial agreement.

CAD Design

We have a CAD design team to turn your idea into a three dimensional electronic CAD model. This can be developed on screen with you into your full working prototype.

Our CAD design team then convert your model into CAD/CAM data for the CNC machining phase of the prototype and parts. Your CAD design models can be used for marketing prior to actual development. We can use our technology to place your product image in a certain setting or scenario.


When your design has been finished, our team of in-house tooling experts will make your 2D drawing intro a 3D solid model. We use either the latest CAM software or multi-axis CNC machining or traditional pattern making techniques.

We can offer a selection of materials and techniques that mean we manufacture cost-effective tooling solutions to suit any requirement, even if you are using wood or resin for samples or shorter production runs through aluminium for full production. 

Vacuum Forming

We have a vacuum forming service to give you the opportunity for cost-effective sampling, short to medium prototype batch runs or full production. Our vacuum forming service uses a selection of plastics and we can offer advice on the right selection of material for your application.

Our vacuum forming service offers you cost-effective plastic moulding solutions to a wide range of sectors including:

  • Packaging
  • Point of sale
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Product design
  • Electronics

We have recently invested in a Shelley vacuum forming machine with a bed of 2000mm x 1000mm to allow forming of larger mouldings.

5-Axis CNC Trimming

We have recently invested in a 5-axis CNC trimming router ideal for faster accurate trimming of vacuum formed products.

Our 5-axis CNC trimming router provides you with a constant trim replication, a faster turnaround and greater cost savings.

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